Hands down, the coolest reference app on the market.

FactBook is the app that literally puts the world at your fingertips. Want to know what the population of a country is? What their military expenditures are? How many people own a cell phone? Well it’s all there, and more. WorldStats contains vast amounts of data from the CIA World Fact Book and from the United Nations world data.

You will find a wide range of information on every country in the world, grouped into the general categories of Geography, Population, Geography, Government, Transportation, and Military, all in the palm of your hand. But, of course, the information is only the beginning of what makes this app great. A carefully crafted user interface allows easy and intuitive navigation. Furthermore, the app will process statistical data to produce charts and graphs that provide more appealing and easy-to-digest representations of the information.

FactBook even allows you to quickly compare all countries with respect to a particular statistical category. For instance you can compare the GDPs of all countries and the app will generate a graph that clearly shows how each stacks up to the others. Basically, the only easier way to access this volume of information about the world would be to plug your brain directly into the internet (we’re working on that next).

So download FactBook now and get in the know.