A travel guide on steroids.

The Urbian Travel Guide to Shanghai is the most complete and efficient travel app currently available for your trip to the Paris of the East. Compiled by expatriates and locals living in Shanghai and in collaboration with, this application offers a manageable wealth of insight and information in addition to the widest range of features available in a travel guide app. Audio Phrasebook included!

We have painstakingly selected our points of interest, from historical highlights to the best in shopping, dining, and entertainment to help you have the ultimate Shanghai experience. With easy to use maps, GPS location technology that tells you what's nearby, and addresses presented in Chinese and English, you are guaranteed to find all of the pearls that this wondrous city has to offer.

In addition to a world class city guide, the Urbian Travel Guide to Shanghai includes an Audio Phrasebook with all the essential words and phrases you will need to communicate and interact with in this vibrant megacity. Not only will your phone present you with Chinese and Pinyin (phonetic Chinese written in roman characters) translations of common English phrases, but your phone will actually 'speak' the phrases aloud for you. Use your phone to 'tell' directions in Mandarin to your taxi driver to make absolutely sure that you get where you are trying to go.

EASY TO USE: With a fully interactive, highly intuitive, and touch friendly interface, the only thing you will be able to navigate more easily than the city is the application itself.
CITY GUIDE: The city guide presents all the best that Shanghai has to offer in two easy to navigate formats:
* by Area (allowing you to quickly view all of the points of interest in a particular area) * by Category (who wants a list of architectural highlights when you're looking for a hot meal?).
NEARBY: This feature uses your GPS function to locate points of interest near you.
PHRASES: Integrated into this Urbian Travel Guide, this function allows you to select from categories of phrases, from general conversation to emergencies and everything in between. Select the phrase, and then see it written in Pinyin and Mandarin or just press a button to hear your phone 'speak' the phrase out loud. You can use this to master your own pronunciation or just let your phone do the talking. This is especially useful for communicating to taxi drivers in Shanghai! We put the ease in Chinese.
BOOKMARKS: Bookmark interesting places for easy reference or to plan a trip!
GENERAL INFORMATION: All the important information about Shanghai that will put you in the know in a matter of minutes.
ALL IN ONE: This app is super easy to use and full of great information from people who know the city intimately. But more importantly, it puts EVERYTHING you need to make the most of your trip in one application. Why fumble through multiple applications trying to find the resource you need? It's all neatly packaged in this friendly and efficient application. Simplicity is a beautiful thing.