Simple. Addictive. Pointless.

If a green ball falls out of the sky and is crushed by a floating orange bar does anyone care? Well you do if you’re playing SkyDrop. The goal of the game is simple – move the floating orange bars out of the way of the dropping balls. Sounds easy huh? Think again. When multiple balls are falling through the gauntlet you have to be fast and precise to save the precious emerald spheres (trust us, they are reeeaaallly precious). Good Luck!

The game starts off easy with one ball at a time moving at a medium pace. The further you get, the more balls you get, and the faster they move. You have 4 lives, meaning that if you lose 4 balls in a row, you are finished. On the other hand, your lives are fully replenished every time you get a ball to the bottom, but don’t let this fool you into thinking survival is a given – losing 4 balls in a row is easier than you think. You’ve got to keep your wits about you and above all keep moving. So what are you waiting for, download now and save your balls from an ugly orange doom!