A really slick logic puzzle.

Get Ringz and turn your brain blubber into beefcake! By harnessing the awesome power of spinning disks, sliding rows, and shiny balls, we have created the ultimate mental work out machine. So throw away that expensive university membership – now you can get the brain you’ve always wanted from the comfort of your iPhone!
Ringz is the latest brainercise machine from the mind jocks at Urbian, Inc. With this simple but elegant app, you can mold your mental muscle and become a master of spatial manipulation. Your goal is to move a number of randomly placed colored balls into a specified pattern. The balls are located on a board composed of three moving rings, one static center ring, and one slider that allows the player to shift the balls between the different rings. By rotating the three moving rings and using the slider, the player moves the colored balls from their starting position to the position of the desired pattern. But of course, getting to the right position isn’t everything – the truly brilliant will be able to do so using the least number of moves possible. The early levels are easy, but don’t get cocky, the later levels are guaranteed to make your synapses quiver and your neurons sweat. Get Ringz and turn your brain blubber into beefcake!