Retro Camera N-Back  

Increase your intelligence and have fun doing it.


The only game scientifically proven to increase your fluid intelligence. N-back Maestro is a beautifully designed game to help you increase your intelligence and have fun doing it.

No really.

We built N-Back Maestro after reading a scientific study proving that playing the Dual N-Back game, on which we based this app, can measurably increase your fluid intelligence (what you use for problem-solving, learning and pattern recognition).

We took our experience in building world class, genre-leading apps (over 15m downloads) like Memory Trainer and Retro Camera and blended that with a genuine interest in self-improvement to bring you one of the slickest apps on the Market.

You'll love this app. And so will your brain. It would hug you if it could. This app costs less than a mocha frappucino. What would you say a real opportunity at increasing your intelligence is worth? If you pass on this app, think about that the next time you order a coffee at Starbucks. If you remember.

Available in Android Market