A beautiful geography quiz.

Kill time, not brain cells! The GeoQuiz app from Brain Café tests your knowledge of the planet Earth and all its wonders. With its user friendly, touch sensitive interface, GeoQuiz makes learning fun and easy. Whether you think you’re a geographical genius or you just want to review your basics, GeoQuiz is the app for you!
Think you know your way around the planet Earth? Well this is your chance to prove it!
With GeoQuiz you can prove once and for all that you really are a geographic wiz kid. But don’t worry, if your not a topographical wunderkind then this is your chance to bone up on all those facts you’ve forgotten.
GeoQuiz covers a wide variety of geographically related material, from capitol cities and flags to natural extremes like the highest of the high and coldest of the cold. If you’re not a master of the globe before you start the quiz, you will be by the time you finish. And with a user friendly, touch sensitive, multiple choice interface, GeoQuiz will easily keep you entertained while improving your knowledge of our fascinating planet. Get GeoQuiz and get to know the planet we call home!