…Cause we all take life too seriously.

"I think this is gonna be the app that makes us rich boys!" –A. Mueller (Cofounder of Urbian, Inc.), two weeks after speaking these words to his partners he declared bankruptcy and moved from his apartment into a cardboard box where he ultimately perished from a combination of rabies and blunt force trauma to the head. As if the irony was not already marked enough, the app to which the captain-of-industry-turned-derelict-squatter was referring was none other than "Famous Last Words."

"Famous Last Words" is the app that recalls, imagines, and pilfers the funniest and most ironic statements delivered by people shortly before their catastrophic demise. We’ve all heard about, seen, and been the victim of such moments. The victims (assuming they survive) are often left with emotional scars and a much deserved sense of self-loathing. But as an observer, these moments are the gems that remind us that the suffering of others can be a valuable source of cruel yet humorous entertainment, all while making us feel better about our own idiotic blunders. So download "Famous Last Words" today and laugh yourself silly over the tragic misfortunes of other people. Remember, black comedy is only offensive if you’re racist.